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Spey Fishing School Itinerary
Friday Night 9/19

7:00pm – Check-in; Cocktails/snacks; General discussion of spey fishing and fly tying with Rick.

Saturday 9/20

7:30am Breakfast

8:30am Casting – each participant will receive instruction based on their experience level.

•      Forward Spey
•      Double Spey
•      Single Spey
•      Snake Roll
•      Snap T

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Basic rigging

2:30 Spey fishing techniques

3:30pm Hands on spey fishing instruction and fishing the Deleware

6:30pm Cocktails/dinner

Sunay 9/21

7:30am Breakfast

8:15am Advanced casting

•      Casting in the wind
•      How river conditions impact casting

9:00am Advanced rigging for a variety of rivers

10:00am Hands on spey casting and fishing the Delaware

2:30pm Wrap-up

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